Grammar School | All-Day-Class

Since the school year 2013/14, the Europagymnasium offers an all-day class. Lessons, working time and leisure time are reasonably distributed throughout the day. The children’s development will be optimally encouraged through the simultaneous use of challenge and support.



  • There is a balance between lessons, practice, immersion and leisure time.
  • The daily learning time in school guarantees that a large part of the homework is already done when the children  come home.
  • Recreational activities such as “Kreativwerkstatt” or “Fit for life” ensure further balance.
  • The library, the handicraft room, the computer lab and the sports facilities are also made use of.
  • An additional class teacher lesson offers the possibility to support the development of group dynamics efficiently and sustainably
  • Team-teaching: Lessons in different subjects are partially held by two teachers who schedule, hold and  evaluate the topics afterwards.
  • It is a major goal to enable, encourage and obtain independent learning. A structured daily routine provides a clear orientation for students as well as teachers.
  • A team of teachers accompanies the students in the morning as well as in the afternoon
  • We put emphasis on everyday culture and therefore, teachers and students eat lunch together at the “Kolpinghaus”. There are two menus available every day.
  • Joint free time lessons with children who attend the after school care enable friendships between students of different classes.



 The all-day class is offered in years 1 and 2.


Class time

 Monday – Tuesday 07:50 to 15:35

Friday 07:50 to 14:45, day care possible until 16:25



 88 € compulsory daily care fee per month 5 € per meal

Requests for financial support are to be submitted to the Kärntner Landesschulrat.



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